Curriculum Vitae for Lorenzo Colitti


I am a networking specialist with a Ph.D in network management, topology discovery, visualisation, and measurement. My background combines methodological and theoretical problem analysis skills learned in academia with thorough technical knowledge of networks and systems from my research and my experience as a system architect and administrator. I am looking for a position where I can apply these skills to challenging and varied problems in a stimulating environment while delivering products and services that will be used in the real world, thus combining the intellectual statisfaction of academia with that of seeing my work reach the hands of users.

Personal information

Place and date of birth Rome, 24/06/1976
Nationality Italian and British citizenship
Current address 日本東京都港区西新橋3-20-1
Mobile +1-415-203-7941
Languages known Italian (native), English (native), Dutch: (fluent, NT2 level)

Employment experience

2006—present: Network Engineer, Google

I am currently working on IPv6 and its adoption both inside Google and in the Internet at large. I was one of the founders of the IPv6 team and am currently the tech lead. In 2009, together with Erik Kline, I was awarded the initial Itojun Service Award by the Internet Society. In 2011, I helped organize World IPv6 Day.

2003—2006: Network Engineer, RIPE NCC

From 2003 to 2006, in parallel with my Ph.D, I worked in the New Projects group at RIPE NCC in Amsterdam, first as an intern and then as an full-time employee. I worked on the Routing Information Service, where I improved support for IPv6 and 32-bit AS numbers and integrating the BGPlay system for graphical visualization of updates. I also evaluated the effects of anycast on the K-root DNS server.

2000–2002: System and network administrator, xmedia Srl

From 2000 to 2002, in parallel with my master’s degree, I worked as a system and network administrator at xmedia, one of the first web agencies in Italy (since dissolved). As part of a team of two, I defined and implemented routing, security, firewalling, backup, and monitoring policies, and administered the company's network, Linux/Solaris servers (~60 users, ~20 servers) and databases. I also designed and implemented the company's Linux-based web hosting platform and virtual domain email service.


2002–2006 Ph.D in Networking, Roma Tre University
1995–2002 Roma Tre University (Rome):
Laurea (equiv. to M. Sc.) in Electronic Engineering: 110/110 cum laude
1990–1995 Liceo classico F. Vivona (Rome):
Maturità classica (secondary school diploma in classical studies): 60/60
1984–1990 St. George's English School (Rome, Italy)
1984: Abinger Common Elementary School (Surrey, United Kingdom)

Ph.D in Networking

I was awarded a fellowship for a doctoral programme at Roma Tre University in November 2002 and obtained a Ph.D on April 6 2006. My Ph.D thesis, Internet Topology Discovery Using Active Probing, can be found online.

Research interests

During my Ph.D I carried out research on the following topics:

Involvement in the 6net project

As the University's contact person for the EU-funded project 6net, I was involved both in project accounting and work package meetings and in technical work. Non-research contributions include implementing IPv6 support MRTG and IPv6 support for BGPlay.




Master’s Degree

From 1995 to 2002 I read Electronics Engineering at Roma Tre University in Rome, obtaining a Laurea (equivalent to M. Sc.) with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude. My thesis [pdf] was on the study of methodologies for the automatic discovery of network topology in mixed IPv6-IPv4 networks. Other University projects include:

Google Summer of Code Project

I participated in the 2005 Google Summer of Code project, working with the GNOME foundation on improving GNOME login time. Many in the GNOME community appreciated my work. A full report is available on the GNOME web site.

Non-professional Experience

BBS Management

From 1996 to its shutdown in 1998 I was involved in the management of the largest amateur BBS in Rome, Antanisoft Group Research, with hundreds of users. Together with the BBS's founder I implemented a series of support programs, including a watchdog that guaranteed the operation of the BBS 24 hours a day.

Involvement in open-source projects

Since 2001 I have been contributing to the Mozilla project, which created the Firefox and Thunderbird applications. My contributions to the project include IMAP quota support, IPv6 improvements, improvements to the spam filter, and miscellaneous bug fixes and QA. I am one of the developers of the Flashblock extension for Firefox.

In 2001 I added OAM cell support to the Linux kernel driver for the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem to enable interoperability with Cisco routers with the oam-pvc manage setting. I have also contributed code and bug fixes to various open-source applications including quagga, Net-SNMP, User-Mode Linux, wpa_supplicant, and Software Suspend 2.


Photography, film, languages, travelling, cooking.


Giuseppe Di Battista
Professor, Roma Tre University
gdb at
Daniel Karrenberg
Chief Scientist, RIPE NCC
dfk at

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